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Welcome to Tetra-Spiral Fire and STeel, where I present - in a bit extravagant way - the final results of phenomenons taking place in my mind...

How did I make up such a site name and such a logo... Well, simply like that: there's been a thing like a regular tetrahedron haunting me for some time, a shape made of four equilateral triangles. One day a thought came into my mind: an image of a set of tetrahedrons, each placed a bit above the one before it, rotated a bit clockwise... such a spiral made of a limited number of tetrahedrons.

And here enters a graphic design, my first work in the cathegory of computer graphics... Shortly it became my logo and my linguistic skills helped me to create the name of the website, namely Tetrahedron Spiral :)

The second block of its name is an short of "Fire and Steel", suggesting my strict, spartan rules of living which I used to observe every day of my existence (constant, merciless training, herdening of my spirit)

My name is T. Fendryk, I live in Kamienna Góra (Poland). I've been designing and coding websites for many years. I've also been discovering other hobbies and interests, the effects of which I will present in Tetra-Spiral, this site.

To start, I shall write a bit about my hobbies generally. They are:

  • Computer programming languages:
    • The "C" family, including C/C++/C#
    • Java
    • Pascal/Object Pascal
    • Basic/Visual Basic
  • Website descriptive and server logic languages:
    • Javascript/PHP/JSP
    • MySQL
  • "Human" languages:
    • English and Polish (very well)
    • German (enough for basic communication)
    • Russian, Japanese and many others (a few words and phrases)
  • Various art branches, most importantly poetry
    (awarded Polish poems), small philosophical articles and prose.
  • Thought processes analysis - techniques of managing different aspects of mind...



Please feel free to contant me and share your thoughts about this site.
My e-mail: tomasz(dot)fendryk(at)gmail(dot)com